COSMOS: train to ground communications

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COSMOS: train to ground communications

"online" monitoring of all the train signals
Downloading of saved logs
Automatic sending of critical alarms from train to land


COSMOS on-board solution implements edge-computing technologies, gathering and processing on-board information and making it available to the wayside servers through the most appropriate wireless communications channels and cybersecurity standards

This system covers the long-range cellular technologies, GSM, 3G, LTE and local area (medium range) Wifi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n) and is scalable to future technologies of greater capacity.

The opportunity to incorporate the GPS module means that our telecommunications systems can position the trains, which will enable them to be viewed later on track layout maps and mimic displays in Land applications.


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COSMOS On-board's characteristics and benefits

  • Monitoring of all train’s signals available on TCMS
  • Automatic sending of critical alarms from the train to ground
  • Automatic processing and downloading of stored logs
  • Automatic sending of critical alarms from the train to the wayside server.



Ease of integration on wayside solutions

COSMOS provides standardized interfaces to the wayside solutions. Our expertise allows us also to adapt to the customer’s needs for the most appropriate fleet management for operation and maintenance. The user can choose either an IEC61375-2-6 compliant interface or a friendly REST API and MQTT interface.

COSMOS train-to-ground characteristics and benefits

  • Real-time telemetry of the train’s signals.
  • Automatic sending of the train’s critical alarms to wayside servers.
  • Real-time geo-positioning of train fleet.
  • Remote HMI: Graphic user interface that is unified, intuitive and easy to operate.
  • Continuous and reliable data gathering for big data solutions and condition-based maintenance.

Some of the leading railway companies that use COSMOS On-board

  • Euskotren. Spain. 2014

    Euskotren • 2014

    Euskotren • Spain
    S/900: 30 units of 4 coaches
    Addition S/950: 28 units of 3 coaches

  • Auckland. New Zealand. 2017

    Auckland • 2018

    Auckland Regional Transit Authority • New Zealand
    2018: 15 units of 3 coaches
    2012 Serial: 57 units of 3 coaches

  • Birmingham. UK. 2012

    Birmingham • 2012

    West Midlands Passenger Transportation • UK
    21 units of 5 coaches

  • Stockholm. Sweden. 2018

    Stockholm • 2018

    SL AB • Suecia
    2018: 10 units of 3 coaches
    2018: 2 units of 4 coaches
    2013: 7 units of 4 coaches
    2011 Serial: 15 units de 3 coches