Railway system modernisation and upgrade

Fleet operating life improvement

Extending the estimated operating life of a fleet, improving its performance and comfort during travel are the advantages of appropriate maintenance and modernisation of systems. CAF Power & Automation works towards shaping the requirements of each client.

With the purpose of modernising the on-board systems, our improvements are focused on adaptability, converting overhauls into economically viable projects.


Railway system modernisation and upgrade


Without neglecting the need to optimise the costs of each operation, equipment renovation allows us to increase the service life and availability of fleets, thereby reducing maintenance events.

With the overhauling and modernisation of railway systems, we work to add value to fleets: improved load and adherence capacity, performance optimisation and improved reliability of power and control electronic systems. 


Traction chain modernisation. UPGRADE, extends fleet life

Amongst the various overhaul levels we offer, one of the most important concers the traction chain, which provides performance improvements: UPGRADING the traction chain.

More and more rail vehicles drive with AC technology. However, existing DC technology can benefit from performance improvement without the need for a complete modernization of the traction chain.

CAF Power&Automation can optimise both technologies, offering propulsion solutions for life extension and overhaul:


Progress is made towards more cutting edge technology, maintaining the same DC/DC traction chain.

Switching the traction converter technology from GTO to IGBT increases reliability, improves availability by as much as 10% and reduces obsolescence problems caused by previous technology.


DC to AC upgrade on rail vehicles offers various benefits, as it provides for an increase in power levels, improving adherence and load capacity, and reducing fuel consumption levels.

Traction chains can be modified for newly designed vehicles or those already in service. 


CAF Power & Automation shapes your idea

CAF Power & Automation offers a comprehensive “turnkey” service, providing a unique and optimal vehicle modernisation solution.

Our track record and role as part of the CAF Group , with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of railway vehicles, means we can offer comprehensive services, tailored to fleet overhaul, with a comprehensive knowledge and vision of each vehicle.

We work very closely with CAF MIIRA which specializes in the design and manufacturing of wheelsets, wheels, gear-units and couplers for over eighty years, and CETEST a benchmark company in the sector due to this company’s railway vehicle trial and testing services. Combining our know-how we can provide a comprehensive “turnkey” solution.


We have developed various traction units for the modernisation of locomotive traction systems in India, Sudafrica, Italia and the United States.

CAF Power & Automation boasts a multidisciplinary team, advanced technology and tried and tested solutions on a global scale, whereby guaranteeing a comprehensive service:

Equipment and components

A team of specialist engineers will develop a product tailored to meet your requirements. Our competences cover the design and specification of all the components of equipment, systems and subsystems, either produced in-house or by partners.

System integration

Our experience in the integration of railway equipment results in a service offer which covers projects for integration between various solutions or products, produced either in-house or by partners, guaranteeing technical compatibility with the railway system where they must be integrated, complete functioning and service operation:

  • Mechanical Engineering, applied on the analysis of the structure and dynamics of the vehicle.
  • System integration engineering (vehicle logic, electrical schematics, wiring...)
  • Process engineering (staff trained to implement the project, local partners)

maintenance and guarantee


We have two laboratories fitted out with state of the art technology, where we perform the necessary validation tests, delivering all the certified systems.


Once the systems have been integrated, we guarantee the proper installation of systems and equipment, offering the necessary engineering services for a successful overhaul project.

Maintenance and guarantee

Following the installation period, CAF Power & Automation guarantees the maintenance service during the entire life cycle of the vehicle.


Do you have an idea in mind? Let us know and we can help shape it. Contact us at: info@cafpower.com