Railway control and communication systems

We believe in technology that serves comfort

We are experts in railway vehicle monitoring, control and diagnostics. We develop control and communication systems to improve transport efficacy and efficiency and increase user safety and well-being.

Our ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) are based on ICT Technology  (Information and Communication Technologies). In our product development, we apply our knowledge and experience in the following fields: 

  • Experience in buses: TCN (MVB, WTB, ETB, ECN), RS-485, Ethernet, CAN.
  • Capture, recording and monitoring of any variable in the train.
  • Development of man-machine interfaces (MMI).
  • Communications gateways.
  • Remote communications: data transmission (GSM / GPRS/ UMTS / HSDPA / WiFi).
  • Transversal and horizontal knowledge: from on-board equipment to the Ground Central Station and from the physical level up to application level.