EVODRIVE: energy efficiency

EVODRIVE Eficiencia energéticaGREENTECH EVODRIVE contributes to  the energy efficiency of railway vehicles

EVODRIVE is an on-board system developed by CAF Power & Automation to maximise energy efficiency in rail transportation.

At CAF Power & Automation we have developed the EVODRIVE energy storage system, based on ultracapacitors to recover the kinetic energy released on braking.

This energy can be reused, improving the vehicle's energy efficiency. It has been specially designed for trams whose braking energy is difficult to return to the catenary.


EVODRIVE: EVODRIVE: Energy efficiency

EVODRIVE's composition

  • Up to 20% energy saving.
  • Modular configuration that optimises the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Non-captive system applicable to any manufacturer and new or existing infrastructure.
  • Plug-in system, independent of the traction converter, enabling it to be incorporated in existing trains..

Some of the leading railway companies that use EVODRIVE

  • Tallin. Estonia. 2013

    Tallin • 2013

    Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts • Estonia
    20 units of 3 coaches

  • Cuiabá. Brazil. 2012

    Cuiabá • 2012

    Consorcio VLT Cuiabá • Brazil
    40 units of 7 coaches