Train Control and Monitoring Solutions

TCN-based Standard Solution
Modular and Distributed System
Flexible System
Reliability and Strength


COSMOS is a Train Control and Monitoring System-TCMS based on the TCN communications standard. It is a robust, modular and flexible system, designed for efficient control of the train and easy integration with other train systems.

COSMOS incorporates a powerful HMI that enables the driver to keep all the train's systems monitored in an ergonomic way. This display also enables the maintainer to retrieve maintenance events from an integrated, user-friendly interface.

CAF Power & Automation distributes COSMOS along the entire length of the train, incorporating equipment and functionalities, thus making them "plug-and-play".


COSMOS product range includes the following modules

  • Freely programmable vehicle’s Central Control Unit (CCU).
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • Input-Output Modules (I/O-Module), which include out-of-the-box CAN-MVB, 485-MVB, CAN-TRDP and 485-TRDP capability. I/O capability include digital and analogue inputs and outputs, temperature sensor (PT100,PT1000) input and PWM.
  • Communication Gateways MVB-WTB, ETBN, MVB-MVB and repeaters MVB and Ethernet.
  • Switches and routers for remote communication

All these modules withstand the EN50155 standard as generally demanded for railway applications.


AUNIA is the name of the toolset for the whole vehicle’s lifecycle, ranging from configuration to the maintenance tools. It follows a modular design based on a database-centric approach. AUNIA can manage the users’ credentials and the software updates, so that all users work on the same data with the same tools.

AUNIA is a structured, user-friendly set of configuration and programming tools that provides the specific support foreach customer within a given context/project.

AUNIA allows the following:

  • Facilitates the project planning tasks.
  • Sets the TCMS system parameters as well as to update the firmware and applications.
  • Enables the SW implementation at vehicle logic level according to the IEC-61131-3 standard.
  • Establishes the proper tool for the HMI´s graphic application.
  • Provides the real diagnostic tools for real time monitoring as well as for analysing the recorded data.
  • Manages users and updates.

mandos metro

COSMOS characteristics and benefits

  • Excellent reliability.
  • Standard, interoperable, multi-interface solution.
  • Easy to start up and provides easy train maintenance.
  • The user can easily implement the sw through AUNIA or through our system integration technicians.
  • Easy to assemble and less wiring required in the train.
  • Flexible, Distributed & modular solution that could be easily expanded.
  • Compliance with Railway Standards.
  • Cost effective solution due to its flexibility to adapt to different project/customer demands.
  • Precise adaptability on the Integration engineering up to the customer desires.
  • Metro Bucarest Cosmos TCMS

    Metro Bucarest Cosmos TCMS

  • Suburban FGC Cosmos TCMS and CCTV

    Suburban FGC Cosmos TCMS and CCTV

  • Tramway Besançon Cosmos TCMS

    Tramway Besançon Cosmos TCMS

  • Tramway Besançon Cosmos TCMS

    Tramway Besançon Cosmos TCMS

  • Tramway Stockholm Driving Devices

    Tramway Stockholm Driving Devices

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Some of the leading railway companies that use COSMOS

  • DMUS North England.  England  2016

    North England • 2016

    Arriva Rail North  • England
    25 units of 2 coaches
    30 units of 3 coaches

  • Oslo. Norway. 2015.

    Oslo Flytoget • 2015

    Flytoget AS • Norway
    8 units of 4 coaches

  • NS. Netherlands. 2015

    NS • 2015

    NS • Netherlands
    68 units of 3 coaches
    50 units of 4 coaches

  • Caledonian Sleepers. Scotland. 2015

    Caledonian Sleepers • 2015

    Serco Group Plc • Scotland
    75 coaches