Mission, Vision & Values


Our company is part of the CAF Group, comprising of a team of highly qualified professionals, fully committed to our project. We work towards gaining the loyalty of our customers, creating innovative power and control solutions. We generate a sustainable business, contributing to the progress of our environment.


We are a worldwide benchmark when it comes to energy accumulation, control and power bespoke solutions for our customers requirements.


Our values are central to all the group and individual actions and form the basis of our decisions, and strengthen our purpose of maximizing the value of our customers.


values continous improvement Small

We are focused on continuous improvement with a view towards becoming more competitive.


values collaboration with customers Small

We also work pro-actively with our customers, understanding their requirements and offering solutions tailored to their specific interests.


values teamwork Small

We work in a coordinated system with a common purpose, supporting each other mutually, and acknowledging each member’s contribution. We rely on trust and respect and a leadership that promotes effective communication and delegation.


values commitment Small

We consider the objectives of the organisation to be our own and persist to reach the goals we set out to achieve.