Railway system maintenance

Increase your fleet's useful life, while optimising your costs

AT CAF Power & Automation we believe that proper maintenance of the equipment is vital and we therefore provide a service that adds value to our systems throughout the train's life cycle. Our aim is to increase your fleet's availability while also reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

We are working to extend our products' working life, achieving longer times between overhauls. We provide personalised advice, aimed at increasing vehicle availability. 


technical asistencia tecnica

Technical support

CAF Power & Automation's
after-sale team, made by qualified, experienced technicians works for you to provide answers and advice on our solutions and the configurations that best suit your requirements.

Our initiatives also include the execution, upon request, of integrated studies of the electrical installation, with a scope beyond the equipment supplied.


cafpower maintenace electric installation studies


You should also know that, once the warranty period has finished, you can still have direct contact with our technicians on the telephone support line and have them come out to your premises if you require. We guarantee you that the maintenance service will still be available to you after the warranty.

For further information, please call our team on:+34 943 309 251 or write to support@cafpower.com


repair reparaciones

Repair and sale of spares

Our commitment to the customer remains after the warranty period, in the form of equipment repair and sale of spares, offering you a permanent corrective maintenance service.

For this procedure, if any of our products should need repairing, we provide you with the downloadable RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), which you must complete and return to our technical team, who will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us on +34 943 309 251 or write to ncrs@cafpower.com with any queries you may have about repairs.

Furthermore, we focus our efforts on guaranteeing the maintenance of the equipment throughout your fleet's life cycle, with a range of spares that includes management of obsolete equipment.

Our after-sale team will provide you with advice and information about the replacement of equipment on:+34 943 309 251 or at support@cafpower.com


training formacion


At CAF Power & Automation we support you throughout the project's lifetime, sharing our knowledge and experience, which we consider a vital part of our relationship with our customers.

Throughout the train's service life, we can provide you with the technical training, both theoretical and practical, necessary for you and your maintenance staff to manage the equipment and systems in the most efficient way.

We adapt to your needs and we can provide this training on your premises or at CAF Power & Automation. Furthermore, current technology enables us to provide you with remote support if necessary. 


bench entorno de pruebas

Test environment

Along with the training, we offer you the chance to execute a proper diagnostic of your equipment, adjusting and adapting your installations.

We take care of the entire development process for the test area, from the design through to the on-site start-up. Later, our technicians can also provide you with a training and specific validation programme on the efficient use of the test environment.

These traction and control test benches can be made ad hoc and may include different test areas for repair of equipment, electronics, loading area, etc., according to each customer's needs. 

For further information, please contact our technical support department: +34 943 309 251 / support@cafpower.com


management gestion de flotas

Fleet management

The world moves at dizzying speed and railway systems can’t get left behind.

That’s why CAF Power & Automation provides you with agile fleet management, aimed at reducing maintenance costs, thus facilitating their centralised and remote monitoring and diagnostics.

COSMOS TCMS enables you to upload and download data, analyse logs and update the software of the on-board equipment, speeding up diagnostics tasks.

Once COSMOS implementation period has finished, we open our offer of maintenance services for the platform, guaranteeing correct operation throughout its life cycle, by

means of software updates and the regular follow-up of the system.

CAF Power & Automation, as an experienced system integrator, offers you a complete implementation and installation of the software at train level.

It also allows you to lead the system integration and implementation of the train software by means of a customised training.