Chinese railway market opened to CAF Power & Automation

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 07:31
Chinese railway market opened to CAF Power & Automation
First project of CAF Power and Automation in the Asian country.

Spring came bearing good news for CAF Power & Automation as the company expanded into the Chinese railway market through an agreement reached with the engineering company Xintian Rail Transit Technology Co., Ltd. for the supply of POWER DC 750V traction systems and COSMOS control systems on the new tram in the city of Changzhou, Jiangsu province of China. Specifically, the CAF Power control and traction units will be incorporated on 11 new tram units which will be produced by the Chinese company CRRC QISHUYAN, a subsidiary of the CRRC Group.

Agreement, supply and deliveries

The contract was signed on 6 April, at the premises of Xintian Rail Transit Technology Co., Ltd. attended by Mr. Jiangang Liu, CEO of the Chinese company, and Iosu Ibarbia, Managing Director of CAF Power & Automation, accompanied by Harkaitz Ibaiondo and Shali Gao, Commercial Director and China Sales Manager, respectively.

cafpower xintian agreement01

Mr. Liu and Mr. Ibarbia signing the agreement.

As result of this agreement, CAF Power will execute its first Asian project in China in the city of Changzhou the scope of which includes 22 POWER DC 750V traction converters including auxiliary converter and batter charger, as well as the TCMS COSMOS train control and monitoring system for the 11 catenary-free trams. For their part, Xintian Rail Trainsit Technology Co., Ltd will design the vehicle and integrate the various systems on it. CAF Power will start making the first deliveries of the communication, control and electric traction units as of next winter.

Changzhou, the city of the dragon

Changzhou, known as ‘the city of the dragon’, dates back over 2500 years and is one of the key eco-tourist destinations in the southern region of the Chinese province of Jiangsu. With a population of 3.5 million, it is located between two mega cities: Nanjing and Shanghai.

changzhou tianning pagoda Custom
Changzhou, Tianning Pagoda


Also, its robust industrial network, which includes the motor vehicle, chemical, biomedical or electronic industries, has allowed for the most important corporations in the world to set up offices in Changzhou.

The trams, operated by Changzhou Dongfang Tramway Co. will run on the new T1 Line, which will serve the business district of the city (Qishuyan District), extending over 7.52 km with 9 stops, 6 of which will be electrified.
Construction of lines T2 and T3 are also planned following the implementation of the first tram line, Line T1, in this city where public transport is the most dominant means of transport for most inhabitants.