Canberra Tramway and railway tests in Trenitalia

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 10:00
Canberra Tramway and railway tests in Trenitalia

CAF Power & Automation adds projects in Australia and Europe.

CAF Power & Automation strengthens its position as one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of systems for the railway sector with the contract award and commissioning of new projects on the Australian and European continents. These build on those carried out in countries such as Taiwan, USA, France and England.

Canberra: COSMOS (TCMS) system and the 750V POWER DC traction system for 14 tramways

After the Sydney tramway, currently in revenue service, this is the second project that CAF power will undertake in Australia as the supplier of the control and traction systems for the Canberra Tramway.

The project scope includes the supply of the COSMOS (TCMS) system and the 750V POWER DC traction system for 14 URBOS trams consisting of 5 cars, in addition to the brake resistors, traction motors and the dead battery start-up system, with the first deliveries staring as early as Spring 2017.

The new vehicles will combine modern aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology and maximum accessibility, with no compromise on comfort, performance and ease of operation and maintenance.

Trenitalia: tests are starting on the first class 402A locomotive

The circuit of railway tests in Velim, the Czech Republic, has provided the backdrop to the tests for the first Trentalia class 402A locomotive with CAF Power & Automation systems.

Once again, the main Italian operator placed its trust in CAF Power after considerable presence in the country as the supplier of traction and control equipment for the Rome Underground, the Cagliari Tramway, Trieste Regional or Sardinia Regional in recent years.

On this occasion the contract, awarded in 2015, covers the modernisation of 40 class 402A locomotives. The scope of the supply includes the dual traction converter for 1500/3000V, brake resistors, auxiliary converter and the COSMOS (TCMS) system.

This upgrade in Italian railway vehicles, which incorporates the first installation of CAF Power electric equipment in locomotives in Europe, adds to the projects currently being rolled out in South Africa, India and the USA.