FREEDRIVE: catenary-free drive

enables catenary-free drive

At CAF Power & Automation we have developed the FREEDRIVE energy storage system, which enables catenary-free drive.

FREEDRIVE is a system based on ultracapacitors and/or Lithium batteries and has all the technological benefits of EVODRIVE. It is modular and easy to integrate in new and existing vehicles, whatever the manufacturer.


tram luxembourg freedrive

FREEDRIVE's main characteristics:

  • Totally or partially eliminates the catenary.
  • Reduces the investment in infrastructure and its subsequent maintenance.
  • Over 10km of autonomy with batteries in catenary-free mode.
  • Ultra-fast charge position (less than 20 seconds)
  • Modular configuration that optimises the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)-accumulation systems, infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Non-captive system, applicable to any manufacturer and new or existing infrastructure
  • Plug-in, independent of the traction converter, which means it can be incorporated in existing trains.


Circulación de vehículos sin catenaria