Traction converter for multi-system locomotive

We design and manufacture multi-system electric traction converters for locomotives

Currently, and increasingly more frequently, the railway sector requires railway vehicles capable of running on networks with varying catenary voltages.

Adapting and providing solution to this reality, CAF Power & Automation has developed multi-system electric traction converters.


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Applying the modularity concepts in the design stage, our traction converters can be adapted to various existing catenary voltages, i.e. both to AC catenaries (25kV, 15kV) and DC catenaries (3kV, 1.5kV).

We propose drive systems consisting of traction converters, AC catenary transformers, or inductive filters for DC catenaries, and traction motors, which are developed in line with the strictest international and European standards.


Our converters equipped with IGBT technology allow us to meet the demand for solutions which replace more obsolete GTO technology. Also, the use of independent chain-based architecture together with redundant control solutions, implies availability qualitative advances for operators.


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We are committed to our clients and want to enhance the value of our current services. To this end, CAF Power & Automation conduct viability studies so as to implement opportunity improvements.

These include the creation of auxiliary equipment or even electric powered drive via energy accumulation systems on catenary-free lines, also know as ‘last mile’.

Some of the leading railway operators that use the electric traction converter for locomotives

  • Indian Railways WAG 9. India. 2018

    India WAG9 • 2018

    Indian Railways • India
    2018: 52 locomotives
    2017: 146 locomotives
    2016: 29 locomotives
    2014: 27 locomotives

  • Trenitalia.  Italia  2014

    Trenitalia • 2014

    Trenitalia • Italy
    40 locomotives