Traction converter for diesel electric locomotive

CAF Power & Automation proposes integrating traction converters on drive systems for diesel locomotives, comprising one or various combustion engines, an alternator and traction motors.

CAF Power traction converters are adapted to the various existing technologies (DC and AC), and even solutions are proposed which enable the migration of technology throughout the operating life of the vehicle. Accordingly, operators can adopt gradual overhauls, distributing investment requirements.

Also, our commitment to develop more efficient transport systems results in a control solutions offer for the entire drive system. This ensures maximum coordination between the powerpack or genset and the traction converter, optimising energy consumption.

By means of the electric diesel locomotive traction solutions, CAF Power & Automation offer customers higher adherence levels. Accordingly, the effort levels reached result in a significant increase in the load capacity in heavy duty operations.


diesel electric traction converter for locomotives real

Aware of the autonomy of diesel locomotives run on the most remote routes in the world, we also design traction systems which guarantee maximum availability in the most demanding operating conditions, permitting simple maintenance, even in the most adverse situations.

We are committed to providing our clients with added value, and to this end we perform viability studies for the implementation of opportunity improvements. These include the creation of auxiliary equipment, also known as ‘head-end-power’ and equipping some form of electrical power mode, either via a possible catenary or implementing energy accumulation systems.

CAF Power & Automation offers the possibility of improving and modernising the performance of your vehicles via DC/AC traction chain Retrofit.

Some of the leading railway operators that use the electric diesel traction converter for locomotive

  • South Africa. South Africa. 2014

    South Africa • 2014

    Grindrod Locomotives • South Africa
    1 locomotive