Dual voltage 750V/3000V electric traction converter

We design and develop electric traction direct current converters suitable for suburban trains, trams and regional trains

CAF Power & Automation's  electric traction DC converters are suitable for regional trains and suburban trains.

Our converters are based on IGBT technology and designed for improved performance, facilitating access to the equipment's internal components and thus ensuring they can be easily and properly maintained.

CAF Power & Automation electric traction systems are manufactured to comply with international railway standards and are currently in operation  all over the world.


Dual 750V/3000V traction converter for EMUs and metros

Main characteristics of the dual voltage 750V/3000V electric traction converter

  • DC voltage operating ranges: 500V – 900V  y 2000V – 3600V.
  • Rated power: 2 x 400 kW.
  • Maximum power: 2 x 760 kW.
  • Forced air cooling.

Leading railway companies that use the 750V/3000V dual voltage electric traction converter

  • Cadiz. Spain. 2010

    Cadiz • 2010

    Área Metropolitana de Bahía de Cádiz-Jerez • Spain
    7 units of 3 coaches