GTO to IGBT upgrade

Older converters based on GTO semiconductors may require an upgrade, either to improve equipment performance by benefiting from the latest technology, or to ensure spare parts supply in the event of obsolete semiconductor storage problems.

CAF Power & Automation provides modern IGBT-based compatible traction systems developed using in-house technology and modularty concepts, which are applied in th design state to better adapt the new converter to the customer needs and the available spaces.

Our outstanding engineering team analises and assess the most suitable technical approach for a modernisation project. Modern technologies based on IGBT semiconductors allow to improve the performance, efficiency and space required by traction systems.


Main characteristics

  • Adapted to any Diesel Electric or Catenary Voltage: AC (25kV-15kV) DC (3kV - 1.5kV-750V).

  • Suitable for passanger and freight rolling stock.

  • Compatible with axle and truck control architectures.

  • Compatible with multiple environmental standars (e.g. Tier X)


  • Solves obsolescence issues, improves efficiency and reduces space requirements.

  • Posibility of increasing the redundancy of the system, e.g. change from truck control to axle control.

  • Customized design allows for maximized reuse of components.

  • Investment distribution: Customers incorporate overhauls gradually.

  • Highest adhesion levels.

Success Stories

Traction converter for electric locomotive

Application: Freight - PassengerWAG 9 INDIA Custom

Class: WAG 9 / WAP 7

Country: India

Electric Co-Co locomotive:

Power: 6000 HP

Voltage: 25kV AC 50HZ

Speed: 100 km/h / 62 mph

Weight: 123 Tn - 20.5 Tn/axle / 271,000lb - 45,200 lb/axle


Traction Solution Characteristics:

  • Power: 2.250 kW (x2)

  • Liquid cooling

  • Motor: 850 kW AC (x6)


Traction converter for Multi-System locomotive

Application: Freight - PassengerLOCOMOTORA TRENITALIA Small Custom Custom

Class: FS-402A

Country: Italy

Electric Co-Co locomotive:

Power: 7200 HP

Voltage: 3000 VDC / 1500VDC

Speed: 220 km/h / 137 mph

Weight: 88 Tn - 22 Tn/axle / 194,007 lb - 48,501 lb/axle


Traction Solution Characteristics:

  • Power: 5.400 kW (x2)

  • Liquid cooling

  • Motor: 1.250 kW AC (x4)