Travel to America with CAF Power & Automation

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 12:53
Travel to America with CAF Power & Automation

New projects on the American Continent

After starting the year with the contract award for the supply of Railway Traction and Control Systems for the Amsterdam Tramway and the extension of the Utrecht Tramway in Europe, CAF Power & Automation is increasing its foothold in the American continent by securing three new projects in Ecuador, Mexico and the United States.

Quito Metro

CAF Power will develop and supply the COSMOS control and 1500 V DC POWER traction systems for the Quito Metro. Specifically, 18 Metro units of six cars each that will operate on Line 1 from Quitumbe to El Labrador.

plaza san francisco quito
Plaza de San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador

The capital of the Andean Republic is the second most populated city in the country with approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. The opening of Line 1 of the Metro, planned for 2019 with a daily transportation estimation of nearly 400,000 people, constitutes a significant advance in the development of urban mobility.


Mexico Metro

In addition to the projects developed in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile the company recently won the contract for the supply and integration of the control equipment for the Mexico Metro, which consolidates CAF Power & Automation as a railway system benchmark in the Latin American market.

palacio de bellas artes mexico df
Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico DF

The scope of this project includes the COSMOS (TCMS)system for 10 units that will run on Line 1 of the federal district Metro, the deliveries of which are planned for September this year. 

This contract award is part of the current refurbishing project of the Mexican Metro of rolling stock and infrastructure.


Maryland Tram

CAF Power is increasing sales in the North American market as the supplier of control and traction solutions for the Purple Line, in the state of Maryland. The 26 LRV light tram units will be equipped with the COSMOS (TCMS) and 750 VDC POWER systems and will run between the counties of Montgomery and Prince George.

The Purple Line is a light rail metro line that will provide a direct connection with the Washington Metro lines (WMATA) and will also connect with MARC and AMTRAK local lines and local bus services, which will provide fast and reliable railway transit in the state of Maryland. Gaylord National Harbor Hotel Gaylord National Harbor Hotel - Image property of Official Site of State of Maryland Tourism

Among the projects being carried out in the United States, CAF Power is currently supplying the control and traction systems for the MBTA trams in Boston, which are in addition to those already developed for the cities of Cincinnati and Kansas City.