Locomotive traction converter

Locomotive Traction EquipmentWe design and manufacture traction converters for locomotives

CAF Power & Automation develops equipment and systems for electric diesel and electric traction locomotives.

We have traction converters developed using in-house technology and under the modularity concepts which are applied in the design stage.

This uniqueness provides for maximum adaptability both on new vehicles and overhauls of existing locomotives.

The modularity of our traction equipment provides for integration with the COSMOS control system and the train - ground communication system ATENEA, both in-house technology.

It is also simple to integrate within existing or specific equipment and systems that supplied by our company.

We design high performance architecture, with a view towards achieving maximum equipment availability through optimum commitment between the independent traction chain and redundant control solutions.

CAF Power & Automation locomotive traction systems are manufactured to meet international railway standards.