Railway Information and Communication Systems

Monitoring, comfort and diagnosis in railway vehicles. On-board electronics

In CAF Power & Automation we develop ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) based on CIT technology (Information and Communication Technologies). In other words, we support sustainable mobility based on improving the efficiency and performance of transport and providing safety and comfort to the users.

CAF Power & Automation`s expertise in the development of these systems is the result of having access to different areas of knowledge:

  • Experience with buses: TCN, 485, Ethernet, CAN.
  • Detection, recording and monitoring of any variable on the train.
  • TCN interface development.
  • Gateways.
  • Remote communications: data transmission (GSM / GPRS/ UMTS / HSDPA / WiFi) .
  • Transversal and horizontal knowledge: from the on-board part to the central control and from the physical level to the application level.

In short, with the objectives of efficacy, efficiency, safety, service and assistance, with develop innovative and smart solutions to manage and control and for the well-being of railway transport.



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